Sunday, July 12, 2009

Party Planning

My mom said I'm borded: She said I have too much time on my hands since I'm redoing rooms and planning parties. I am really missing Landree, but I'm enjoying all this time to plan {and hopefully I'll be motivated to clean before I leave on Thursday}

Landree's birthday is September 24th, and if all goes as planned {I think} I should be induced on September 4th. I am planning her party for the end of August so that so that she can have her big bash before the baby arrives. We'll be having a pool party-nothing like a lady a week away from having a baby hanging out in a swimsuit, huh?

I am really taking advantage of Landree being out of town right now to get all of the party plans in order. I created her invites tonight using Dani's Sweet Cupcake Kit. I used this kit for a customer's invites and loved the colors and cupcakes so I decided to use the same kit.

Landree's 3rd birthday for web

I also made these to go onto the cotton candy tubs I bought as party favors:

cotton candy covers

Up next-I want to make cupcake toppers similar to these: Aren't they cute? I need to find a scalloped paper punch. It would make them so much easier to make. Any other ideas?


jwhitacre said...

You are such a good mommy!!! :) Her birthday plans sound great! LOVE the cupcake toppers...I made little cupcake pops as favors...they were really easy and the guests (even the adults) LOVED probably have seen them but if you google cupcake pops you will find the recipe (they look really cute wrapped in plastic and sealed with a cute bow!)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh are so creative and crafty...I just love your mind!

You will be beautiful at the pool always are!

I am praying for the birth of this sweet child.

Taren said...

I love it! That kit looks sooo familiar!!! :)

Baby Jackson said...

Super cute!! Wish I could find a way to make it there for her party.

Courtney said...

The party stuff looks great. I love the cupcake toppers. I like that you are having the party ahead of time.

JulieM said...

I love your announcements ... darling! I had found that site too and made cupcake toppers last month. I found the punch at Hobby Lobby. Do you have one in your area? They may have one at Michaels too!

The Barner Bunch said...

Cute cute cute! I love the decor for Hudson's room too!
Can't wait to see yoU!

Jodee Leader said...

Cute invite!

jenbusymom said...

Those are so cute Jen! Glad you're doing well, seems like September is right around the corner!