Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Crafty Christmas!

We’ve been pretty busy this holiday season, but we’ve taken advantage of our days at home (some of them in pj’s all day) too.  We’ve been making ornaments and gift tags:



And stain glass window hangings (some of these may show up attached to gifts we are giving):


And Tuesday night we made this {foam} gingerbread house.  Landree did most of it by herself and she did a really good job.  It was sticky on the back so it wasn’t too messy-we only had to glue a few pieces. 



My mom and I bought several things last year after Christmas with the intention of doing an advent calendar, but we’ve just done things as we have had time.  We’ll be hitting the stores again the day after Christmas this year.  Jeff made me promise I wouldn’t buy any more decorations, but I do plan to stock up on little goodies like this and we really just enjoy the ‘hunt’.  It’s sort of tradition-Megan will shop with us too (that’s tradition also). 

Can you believe that it’s Christmas eve?  We’ll finish up our wrapping tonight and will be hanging out eating our favorite snack foods.  Megan and Hayden will be joining us too (her husband Jeff has to work.  He’s a policeman.)  And hopefully her parents too.  Her mom has been in the hospital.  It should be a great night!  Merry Christmas! 


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Adorable! Wishing you a very merry and magical Christmas!

Megan said...

So much fun!! Maybe I will pick up some crafty things this year!

We had a great time tonight!! Thanks for having us over and for all our sweet gifts!!

Love ya'll!