Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Southern Snowsuit

Those of you that commented were so sweet to say we looked prepared for the weather,  but I’m about to show the progression of a southern ghetto snowsuit.  I know all my northern bloggy buddies are laughing at me, but you have to make due with what you have.  I’ve never seen snow like this in my life (at least not here or in Texas!)

So here’s the progression of getting dressed to play outside on Saturday morning.  Don’t your kids hang out in dress up over pj’s all day on Saturday’s?


The layers:  Any type of animal print tights will do, a pair of snug fitting pajamas, a turtleneck and pair of pants as an outer layer.  You do not need a pom pom for this outfit.  It’s just an extra. 


Add grocery bags of your choice (we used Publix bags) before your outer layer as you see fit to keep the inner layers as dry as possible.  Clearly, this process was a bore to Landree as I made her model the ghetto snowsuit. 

DSC_0161 DSC_0160

Add a vest, fake smile, and you’re about ready to go…we used our rain boots and coat along with mittens and a hat and Landree didn’t complain one time about being cold. 


Our snow family pics up next…


Courtney said...

Oh I had the best laugh this morning reading this. It served the purpose and that is all that matters!

Frazzled said...

Hilarious! I'll mail you the kids old ski suits they have outgrown just so you will have them "in case" it ever snows again.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

LOL..... whatever works...right??

She is so cute!!! I bet she loved the snow:)

Megan said...

Ha Ha Ha!! LOVE IT!!

HowryFamily said...

Hahahahaha that is TOO FUNNY!!!! We had the exact same problem! Love the trash bag idea...so unique ;) haha!
Talked to your momma yesterday for a bit...love her!
Are you all settled in? You need to take a few pictures of your house so I can see some of the goodies you found at Laurie Anna's!

Taren said...

Love it! That's about what we did as well!

Taren said...

By the way...I was very excited when I thought your post said "southern SWIMsuit"...I was ready to see her in some new swimsuits!! ha! Get them now...they are cheap! :)