Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 1/2 Wonderful Years!

Landree Grace I can’t believe you are already 3 1/2 years old! The time has flown so quickly and there are so many things I want to remember about you forever! You say the sweetest, funniest things everyday and you are such a joy to be around.

At 3 1/2 years old:

LandreeYou are: Sweet…Loving…Funny…Silly…Happy…Loving…Joyful…Independent…A good friend…SMART-You recognize all of the letters by site and your teachers said that when the other boys and girls in class don’t know the letter they look to you to answer. You can count in Spanish too Uno, Dos, Grace, Guatro, What that’s not Spanish? We’re working on it…Clumsy-you fall almost daily!…Talkative. Talkative. Talkative…Imaginative…Creative…A Hypochondriac-if anyone has an ale there is a good chance you have it too!…Princess…Goofy…Beautiful…Feisty…Potty Trained {for a while, but at night now too!}…Adorable…Spoiled {just a little}…Loved.

DSC_0301 DSC_0296 You love: Mommy, Daddy, and Hudson…Mia and Popee…Grandma and Papa…Aunts Maggie and Krissy…Aunt Gigi and Uncle Brian, H and J…Mia’s puppy, Zoe…Playing Dress up…Dance class…Playing outside…Sweets and Treats…Playing with friends…Preschool… Learning…Baby Dolls…Your Favorite Blanket…Hugs and Kisses…Reading…Stickers…Coloring… Band-Aids…Playing kitchen and tea party… Helping Mommy cook… Wearing night gowns, not pajamas with pants, (specifically Princess gowns) you’ll come home from where ever we’ve been and take off your clothes and put on a Princess gown.

DSC_0297You dislike: Having your picture made! At least my mommy!

DSC_0391 Favorite TV Shows: Sesame Street, Super Why, Word World, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger and Pooh. You love Lady and the Tramp and The Tinker Bell Movie, You don’t like movies with Evil Queens or Step Mothers!

DSC_0259 Favorite Books: Green Eggs and Ham, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, If you Give a Mouse a Muffin, If you Give a Pig a Pancake-you can recite every word in this book!, Fancy Nancy, Guess How Much I Love You, You’re All My Favorites

DSC_0482Yes, at my parents house she was icing her own cupcake and licking the knife! All while wearing a Tinkerbell nightgown!

Favorite Foods: Cheese, Carrots, Cucumber, Pizza, Chips, Burritos, Quesadillas, Beans (any kind), M&M’s and Skittles (even though you don’t get them often), sherbet and ice cream (not often either), apples, bananas, applesauce. You are actually a really healthy good little eater! You drink mostly water, however, you love juice and milk but don’t have them often.

DSC_0099Things you say often: I can do it myself…I love you… Just a little bit-like did that hurt when you fell? Not too bad just a little bit. Are you full? Not too bad, just a little bit…NO…Of course-“Landree, can you hand Mommy that burp cloth? Of course…You smell like beef and cheese (so she’s seen ELF a few too many times)…Can I wash (watch) a show?…Just one more minute…Can I have a snack? Can I have a gummy worm, gummy bear (insert treat here)?…I wave my magic wand and turn you into a (insert anything here)… Let’s tell one story. Baby Huson, baby Huson, baby Huson!

DSC_0606Things your good at: Being polite. Being a sister. Helping Mommy with Hudson. Laughing. Smiling. Being a princess. Getting dressed by herself. Dancing. Singing. Sharing (most of the time). Coloring in the lines. Drawing. Playing Candy Land. Playing the drums (Rockband with Daddy). Giving hugs and kisses. Being a friend.

in grassChallenges: Right now…getting out of bed! You have always been a great sleeper! You never got out of bed as a toddler! You once crawled out of your crib and we told you not to do it again because you could get hurt and you never did it again. But since you’ve been potty training you’ve used it as an excuse to delay bed time and now that you are potty trained at night you use it as an excuse to get out of bed at all hours! You are still a great sleeper-it’s just if you wake up. Being a first time listener is another challenge we are facing. It’s never a big thing-it might be to come to pick something up or stop jumping while we are putting on your pajamas, but you are struggling to do whatever it is we ask the 1st time.

Just in case you think this post was an original idea-it's not! Feel free to copy too :)


Brooke said...

Sweet post! Happy Birthday Landree!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Jennifer...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I love all of the things you took the time to remember about Landree. What a special age and a special little girl! What a precious child of God.
P.S. I may steal this idea...I need to do this for my little ones.

Megan said...

Happy 3 1/2 years Landree Grace!! You are such a precious little girl! I love you very much!

Jen~I love this post!