Monday, March 22, 2010

We’re back!

We’ve not fallen off the face of the planet-instead we’ve been in TX!  For a totally last minute, unscheduled {except for naps}, relaxing, fun time at Mia and Popee’s.  I didn’t take more than 6 pictures at their house (so sad!), we cooked most of meals at home, and we only really ‘went’ somewhere one day.  And we had a ball!  Landree hung out most every afternoon with my Daddy eating way too much candy, watching any show she wanted, and she ate a popsicle every afternoon-a giant popsicle!  We made cookies and cake for Mia’s birthday last weekend and had lots of fun playtime with my BFF Megan and her little boy Hayden.  We are so glad they live so close!  And my little boy got lots of attention from Mia and Popee too. 


Oh, and the beautiful TX weather was a fabulous 65 or so all week, until…we woke up to this on Sunday morning!  Seriously!  The 2nd day of Spring.  We were shocked!  And I heard it was 65 or more there again today.  We had a 2 hour delay (not weather related) yesterday afternoon and then we were on our way home.  The kids did great!  Landree and Hudson both took good naps on the plane and I was able to take Hudson’s car seat on both flights-Praise the Lord!  This week will be busy catching up around here and planning for a tea party Landree and I are hosting on Saturday.  I hope to catch up on blogging soon!



Eloise said...

Glad to catch up on your life a little bit.

We arrived back from Hawaii to that same snow! Quite a strong signal that our vacation was over - LOL.

Your children are as cute as ever!

HowryFamily said...

YAY! We were able to spend time with the babes grandparents over spring break too! Isn't it like a mini vacay for you when there is SO much help!? :)
Thought of you this morning...I'm debating on going to Laurie Anna's this weekend for her Easter bad you weren't here to go with me!!!