Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This was our second visit to ICE at the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine.  We first went two years ago and we were so excited to go back with Grandma, Aunt Maggie, Aunt Krissy, and Mia.  This years exhibit was Charlie Brown and all the Peanuts.  It was so cute, and colorful, and COLD!  They keep it about 12 degrees in the exhibit to keep it from melting.  There are 40 sculptors flown in from Harbin, China to create the exhibit.  They said it takes about 3 months to freeze and store enough ice to create the exhibit.  It’s really amazing!  They give everyone a parka to wear.  They also have a nativity scene set up where they tell the story of Jesus birth and they light each section as they tell the story. 

DSC01799DSC01798 DSC01796DSC01800 DSC01801DSC01803

My pictures are a little out of order, but when we finished the ICE exhibit we headed to have lunch at one of the restaurants inside the Gaylord.  The resort is amazing!  It’s 4 1/2 acres all indoors.  And they have it decorated over the top for Christmas.  With a life size gingerbread house and even an elf that makes balloon creations :)


This gingerbread house was a the "’Gaylord” look at the Dallas Cowboy wall. 


And there are lots of trains all over the place. 


This is all made of candy. Yum!

DSC01817DSC01818DSC01819 DSC01820DSC01822DSC01823DSC01825

And even though it was 12 degrees in the ICE exhibit.  It was about 70 outside in TX hence the short sleeved shirt. 


This elf was hilarious.  A lady asked where Santa was and he commented on how smart she was-if you’re looking for Santa just ask an elf.  Landree asked for a butterfly and he did not disappoint.  She loved it and watched so intently.  I took a picture of his shoes and he told me he got them at Nordstrom Rack. Ha!

DSC01828 DSC01829DSC01830DSC01832


And back to more ICE pictures.  Landree’s coat drug the ground two years ago she was just tall enough this year :)


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Jodee Leader said...

What a fun day/night out! Those ice sculptures are amazing!