Monday, January 3, 2011

A little Holiday Recap and Blog Book

I am a little overwhelmed with the blogging that I need to do!  I have taken just about the entire month off enjoying our time at home with family and friends, but the break is over.  Here is a list of the posts coming (that I’m working on right now-there will be even more)! 
I also just ordered my first blog book ever.  I used Blog 2 Print, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I can already see a few plus and minuses on this particular company.  I really like that you just type in the dates of when you want to print and they put the entire book together for you.  I think it’s the simplest way to print your blog.  I also think it’s a little cheaper than Blurb the only other company I know of that prints blogs, however, I couldn’t find an option to remove pictures and I had a lot of posts with this weird blogger logo that I couldn’t remove.  I had a Groupon to use for a $25 book that I bought for $12 and I ended up spending about $50 to print November 07-May 08.  I am going to have to break up having the blog printed because of price so I think I will try Blurb next time.  I like that you have more editing options, but at the same time I think that is what has caused me to wait so long to get started.  It’s a lot more work.  So all that to say…I am working really hard to catch up on all we’ve been doing because this is our scrapbook and I don’t want to forget anything! 
We have been busy busy unpacking, sorting, taking things out of closets, etc. today.  I want to get everything put up before I drag all of our Christmas boxes out to put it up.  And then this place is getting a major spring clean! 

North Pole Breakfast
The Nutcracker and Park Street Carriage Ride
It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas
Christmas Book Exchange
Christmas Morning
Christmas Afternoon
Gingerbread House
A Christmas Journey

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