Monday, January 10, 2011

16 Months and my cuties!

This little cutie is 16 months old!  Is that even possible!  And guess what?  He just started walking today!  Yes, he’s been cruising around FOREVER and could walk with the support of your pinkie fingernail, but wasn’t really interested in walking on his own.  But this morning after church when I went to pick him up I reached out for him and he walked to me!  And after we all cheered for him, he did it again.  So I went to pick up Landree and we headed to the youth room to show Daddy and he wasn’t interested in showing off his new trick.  Landree and I headed over to get a snack and Hudson stayed behind and then he walked to Daddy, TWICE!  Baby man, I love you so much!  I love this stage.  You are getting to be such a big boy.  Even a month ago I felt like you were still a baby, but you are growing and changing and getting so big! 

Last night we were playing in Hudson’s room before bedtime and he was playing with these sensory balls he got for his birthday. He was so funny he would put them on the floor and then roll on top of them.  And he’s in a stage where if I pull out the camera he will look at me and smile!  Be still my heart!  I know this won’t last for long!

DSC_0390DSC_0391 DSC_0392DSC_0399DSC_0400

And before bed I was taking a few pictures of the Christmas decorations in Landree’s room (because I never took any before Christmas) and she was in a smile-y mood :) Sweet girl!

DSC_0404 DSC_0405DSC_0412

And one of my sweet baby on the day he started walking :)



Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Jen,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family! The kids are SO SO CUTE.... I cannot believe how much they have grown and changed. They are BEAUTIFUL!

Hope 2011 is off to a great start for your family.



Clare said...

sorry i haven't been by in a while! i have been just getting back in the swing of things after christmas! he is so adorable, and i am so proud of him for walking. ellie isn't even crawling yet, i think she is going to be a late walker. bradley...11 months old, yikes, that was tough!

Megan said...

AWWW!! YEA HUDSON!!!!!!!!!! Pull out the FLIP and get some video! You got some super sweet pictures!! Love them all!!