Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow much fun!

We’ve had the best family day today.  It started snowing last night around midnight and Jeff and I were so excited we could hardly stand it!  I mentioned to Landree that it might snow today and she already had plans of playing outside ALL DAY LONG.  That’s what she said.  So after breakfast and a special treat of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top we got on our southern snow gear (a few pair of pants, leg warmers, an undershirt, shirt, vest, jacket, rain boots, hat and coat) and headed out to play.  Hudson and I started getting ready and after he found the chalk and had a little fit I decided he needed to go ahead and take a nap and forego the outside play.  Poor little guys misses all the fun, but really he had a blast playing all day long in his jammies in our toasty house :)
I joined Jeff and Landree outside and we started rolling snowballs to make a snowman.  Of course Landree remembered making 4 snowmen last year (one for each of us) so she insisted we do that again.  After about an hour our neighbors joined us outside and the girls played.  I took a few pictures, but put the camera down so I could really play.  Once Landree declared her hands as ‘cold as ice cubes’ we headed in and started making lunch.  The neighbors joined us for black bean soup and grilled cheese and we sat at the table all afternoon talking while the girls played dress up and doll house (they play so well together) and Hudson played I the kitchen floor.  It was a great afternoon! 
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After they headed home, we went all out and made sandwiches again for dinner and watched Stuart Little.  Landree and I are reading the book together right now.  They really are not alike, and Landree did not like any of the cat scenes in the movie.  She is scared of something in most movies and really understands the emotional side.  She got a little teary when Stuart was leaving his adoptive parents to go with the mouse parents.  Maybe she’s too young to watch it.  Any other 4 year old parents have an opinion?  One of the cats did say a few bad words which I did not like-it’s a PG movie for kids.  Not necessary! 
After the movie we started getting ready for bed and Landree was singing and dancing (normal occurrence for her) so I got out the video camera.  She does the cutest little dance and sings this little song she heard on the Cat and the Hat knows a lot about that.  And while she was in a preforming mood I had her sing a few Christmas Carols too.  If you can stick it out to at least 1:50 you’ll get a good laugh!  She was singing jingle bells.  That girl is a hoot and so fun to be around!  And yes, she is jumping on her bed.  We don't normally let her do that :)
I think it snowed around most of the south today.  I hope you had a great family filled snow day like we did.  It’s so nice to have an extra day to really rest unexpectedly!  The snow is melting now and tomorrow is supposed to be an ‘ice day’ so maybe we’ll get to do it all again tomorrow :)

Landree singing from Jennifer Gray on Vimeo.


Megan said...

Aww, what a fun day! Glad ya'll got to enjoy it! And yes, take that boy out for picture atleast! :-)

The video is priceless! I think she was saying "Panera" in that last song. You know, like her favorite place to eat! LOL! Soooo cute!!

Marla said...

Love the video! Parker doesn't sing that song yet, she sings the "Go, go, go, go...on an adventure....the thingamajigger is up and awaaaa-ay"

I especially love how you tell her to stop bouncing and she just can't! :) So full of energy, they are.

Clare said...

that is so funny, bradley and i are reading the book right now together too, but he didn't like the movie. we had it on netflix streaming and we turned it off after a few minutes, too scary for him!! landree singing is so cute!

Jodee Leader said...

Adorable snow pictures! I love, love, love Landree's boots!