Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Soccer Girl

Landree just started soccer last weekend, and so far it’s a hit!  She is loving it and Jeff is so excited that Landree is loving a sport (we don’t know a thing about soccer, but he’s just glad it’s a sport!)  And Hudson is loving going to the soccer games and rolling in the grass and chasing the extra soccer balls down the side lines.  These first few pictures are from last week.  After I got her shin guards, socks and shoes she wore them all night around the house.  I got her a pair of soccer shorts too and they were so big that they fell right off as she ran around the house so her first official practice she wore a denim skort and cute shirt :)



And these are from this morning.  This slacker momma hasn’t been anywhere else to get soccer shorts so so we wore comfy pants, but it’s ok we still have a few more weeks before our games start.  Jeff and a friend are coaching Landree’s team and we are going to have an all girl team.  We may not score a goal the entire season, but it will be fun!  And I think we are going to get to have pink jersey’s.  Here is Landree and 2 of her friends at the back of the pack :) They have the cutest skip run :) 


Landree and a friend were doing a drill and they were going to be kicking the ball back and forth to one another.  The coach gave them a gray ball and Logan said, “but that ball is much cuter” after pointing to a pink ball. 

DSC_0548  DSC_0550

And here are a few pictures of my sweet, growing, almost 18 month old little boy.  He is so funny, and feisty, and growing too fast!

DSC_0541DSC_0543 DSC_0542


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jennifer, I am loving Landree's dress and cleats together! Super cute! I think it's so cute that she's playing soccer! :) In church this morning Jeff said he figured that the team would pick more flowers than they would win games! Haha...girls just want to have fun though, right? ;)

Clare said...

she is looking so grown up!! we start tball next week, but it still really cold here!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Hudson is growing up too fast!!!

I love it that you will be able to have hilarious precious videos of Landree playing soccer. I wish we had videos when Elisabeth began soccer. So much fun!!!!