Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary

wedding pic

Nine years ago I married my best friend.  I am so blessed!  Jeff, I love you more than ever!  The kids and I are so blessed to have you.  You are a wonderful husband, dad, and provider for our family.  Your love for Jesus and people is obvious in everything you do, what a great example to our family and others.  You always think of us first and you are so generous.  I love you!

We joked that the first year or two of our marriage seemed like an eternity, and we can’t believe now that it’s been 9 years.  We got married and moved 9 days later, Jeff started seminary, we started new jobs, etc. and to say it was stressful would be the understatement of the century.  I hated Columbia, and made it very clear daily.  I did not want to be here.  I am so grateful that the Lord placed the right people in our lives, a wonderful church, and that he began to change my heart.  I’ve gotten to experience pregnancy and motherhood with friends and (at least for now) this is our home.  And, I think, it’s the best thing that every happened to us.  We have had to be dependent on each other for everything and I know that our relationship is better for it. 

A sweet couple from church kept the kids for us last Friday night so that we could have a night away.  It was really nice just hanging out and catching up.  We went to dinner and the movies, slept in, went to Starbucks and then lunch before heading home.  FUN! 

I love you Jeff!  I can’t wait to many more years to come!  Happy Anniversary!


Brooke said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful picture!

Jodee said...

Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride!

Tricia said...

I am glad that God has you here too. So thankful that we are friends. :) Love you.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I love this picture! You are so beautiful Jennifer...just like Grace Kelly. So elegant and just gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!!!

jenbusymom said...

What a beautiful picture, happy belated anniversary!