Sunday, July 10, 2011

American Girl Store

There is an American Girl Store in Dallas that we have been so excited to take Landree to for so long!  This year we thought she would really be able to appreciate the store, the fun lunch, and a new Bitty Baby.  Mia, Landree, Hudson, Maggie and I headed over in enough time to pick out her new Bitty Baby so that she could join us for our lunch appointment at the Bistro.  We love hanging out with Aunt Maggie, but I was especially grateful that she was able to come with us because she helped tame the wild animal (Hudson) in the store.  He actually loved playing with all the accessories.  Landree chose one of the twins and named her Suzie.  She, also, loved the accessories.  You could buy a dolls worth of accessories in no time-they have blocks, and strollers, and potty seats, oh my!  Landree chose a little diaper bag with a bottle, snacks and bib.   

After we Mia (thank you) checked out we headed to lunch at the Bistro.  It is so cute!  A little girls dream!  They have chairs for the dolls at the table (and even a doll you can use if you don’t have your own) and a cup of pink lemonade for them as well.  Landree LOVED the little cup.  She kept drinking the lemonade out of it and refilling it with her straw.  Each entrée came with an appetizer so we chose a different one for each of us and all shared.  Landree and Hudson were impressed with the chicken fingers :)  There were two little girls sitting on either side of us that were having a birthday lunch.  Landree didn’t quite understand why they weren’t brining out cake and ice cream to us, but they were so sweet to share!  Seriously, one little girl was with her sister, mom and grandma and asked the waiter to cut her a piece of cake too.  And when Hudson was getting a little wild and I was walking around with him the other table asked if he liked ice cream.  They insisted that we all have a bowl.  Landree said she wants to come back for her birthday.  Maybe we can have a delayed celebration in December when we are back in town. 


IMAG0086 IMAG0087IMAG0089IMAG0090     IMAG0091


Hudson enjoyed wearing the napkin holders as bracelets.  That knot on his head is from falling into the coffee table at Grandma’s that morning. 


And of course we had to get a group shot.  One of the sweet ladies at the store came out to take a picture for us with my phone.  I actually had my nice camera with us and the battery died before I even got to take a picture.  I am just glad I had my phone :)  I posted this picture on facebook and someone made a comment about feeling sorry for Hudson.  I just reminded them that he will love having an older sister in a few years when all her cute friends are coming over.  He doesn’t complain about doing girl stuff with us {yet!}


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