Monday, September 5, 2011

Hide and Seek

One of our favorite things to do before bedtime is to play hide and seek.  We all take turns hiding (usually all together).  Landree is so funny because she’ll ask us to give a little whistle to give her a clue of where we are hiding.
Hudson has a Dr. Seuss book with tons of lift the flaps and he will talk to it and say uh-un after each flap like we do when we are looking and don’t find someone in a certain spot.  Hudson is hard to hide with because he gets so tickled and yells Momma when I am looking for him.  A few days ago he was standing at the door and I went to put something in the car, (10 feet away) when I got back he wasn’t standing there.  I wasn’t worried he had come outside because he isn’t real fast at getting down the step, but a little panic did set in when I didn’t see him in the living room. I turned down the hall and ‘boo’ from out of the laundry room jumped Hudson just giggling!
Tonight Jeff and Landree went to a wedding and Hudson and I stayed home and hung out reading, playing, watching Dinosaur Train and of course hide and seek.  After he hid in the closet a few times I grabbed the video camera.

Popee and Aunt Megan, I just want to point out how well I'm doing blogging! :)  We have preschool starting on Tuesday and a zoo trip to still post so more pictures coming soon! 

Hide and Seek with Hudson from Jennifer Gray on Vimeo.

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Megan said...

So funny!!! I couldn't wait for you to "find" him to see what he would do! :-)

I can just imagine Landree whistling. That is hillarious!

And, I am SOOOO proud of all this blogging! I LOVE IT!! ;-)