Sunday, July 1, 2012

End of school 2012

Summer is in full swing and I have some catching up to do!  Landree and Hudson had their last day of school on May 24th.  I had to get pictures so we could do a little before and after for the year. 

I even tried to dress them in the same clothes.  Landree has on the same dress and Hud is wearing the same shirt.  The shorts he has on at the beginning of the year were 18 months and he’s wearing a small pair of 3T’s in this picture.  He still wears a lot of his 24 month clothes. 

So this is in September on the first day of school:  Look at hat baby boy!  My he has really grown! 


And here they are in May:DSC_0179

Hud is so tall and slim now!  They made them the cutest little end of the year books with projects they’ve done this year and they told how much they weighed/height at the beginning and end of the year.  I’ll have to update when we’re home with those stats. 



Landree and Hudson gave their friends a little keep ‘cool’ this summer popsicle as a end of the year treat.  Landree wrote her name on the back of all of hers and they turned out so cute.  I printed the tags from a site for free. I found it on pinterest. 


We adored Hudson’s teachers Ms. Renee and Ms. Linda.  I would have been fine with him staying home this year, but Landree had them and we loved them so much that I didn’t want him to miss having a chance being in their room.  They are so good with the kids!  They do so many fun handprint crafts that mommies LOVE and Ms. Renee sends home the sweetest hand written note everyday.  That note alone is the reason I send him to school.  Hudson had some funny ones this year-hugging friends to the ground :) being a little rough, but there were plenty of sweet boy notes too. 

DSC_0252 DSC_0253

And I can’t say enough good things about Landree’s teachers Ms. Marie and Ms. Nancy either.  They are both so soft spoken and sweet and patient and WONDERFUL with the kids.  They did so many fun projects and experiments and Bible stories and I just know she is going to be so ready for kindergarten because of them.  I hope they will still be there when Hudson is ready for 4 year old preschool. 


Landree loved to ‘scare’ Mrs. Marie in the mornings. 


And I just can’t believe that we are a little over a month away until she will be starting KINDERGARTEN!  We are so blessed that Landree will be attending a private Christian school.  It’s small and we loved the school, and teachers, and we have friends that attend, and that she will be able to learn from a Christian world view.  One of the things we loved most was when we visited on Groundhog day and the teacher was showing us the chart the kids made and how they predicted if the groundhog would see his shadow and then how she reminded them that it was something fun we did, but that only God controls the weather.  I love that our beliefs, the Truth, will be what she’s learning at school that it will just be so natural-we are so excited for her. 

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so glad to see the update. They really got TALL this year:)