Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chuckie Cheese’s where a kid can be a kid!

Friday morning was a gloomy day around here, but we were hoping to get a little QT with our favorite guy so we decided to head to Chuck E. Cheese.  You know, where a kid can be a kid?  One of our friends who used to work there gifted us tokens and we’ve been able to go several times!  The germs in that place can give a momma a heart problem, but the kids LOVE it! And I have to say the skeet ball is pretty much my favorite game ever!   


Hudson looks ready for the teacups, huh?


Landree loved this Jett Rider game,  it was like a flight simulator.


And of course Hudson loved riding the monster truck!


And I know Popee will be so proud to see these pictures of Hudson on a horse (even if it’s not a real one).  Hudson was really into riding the ‘horse’, Molly the mule, at Mia and Popee’s house until she moved a little too quick and he slid off the saddle.  Popee caught him (and I saw it all-and almost had a heart attack) and then Hud was pretty much done with Molly and a just a tad stand off-ish with Popee for a little while.  Well it looks like he’s back in the saddle-at least the plastic kind. 


And this is definitely the only time that you’ll catch Landree on a horse unless it’s at the zoo!

DSC_0546 DSC_0549DSC_0553DSC_0554DSC_0555DSC_0556DSC_0557

We followed up our big Cheese morning with lunch at ‘the grape place’ (Olive Garden).  That’s what I call a pretty perfect day! 

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