Monday, July 16, 2012

Mother’s Tea 2012

I love looking back at my blog, and seeing how the kids have grown and what we’ve been up to and I have done a terrible job at keeping up with it!  And after a little scare with my computer (long story-took it in to have a crack in the case fixed and Best Buy they decided to scrap it and give me a new one, which is great, but I took in a fully functioning computer expecting to get it back and they were going to destroy my hard drive with pictures and videos that weren’t backed up! Ugh!  Lesson learned!  Please learn from me!  Back things up! And even if you don’t keep your blog updated so you have it all right here! :) ok?

So…in May Landree had a Mother’s Tea at school.  She made me all sorts of wonderful things and marigolds that she planted from seeds and sang songs.  They had yummy treats like white bread sandwiches, fruit, and squeeze cheese and crackers.  All sorts of things that Landree NEVER gets to eat.  She loved it! 


And just to keep me humble when I think I look like the youngest mom in class…she used to say I was 6 or 22 ;) Do you see where my name is?  Don’t worry she knows how old I am now!


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ji said...

Too funny! Well you look great for your age! :)