Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer is here!

Today, June 6, it was a whopping 99 degrees! It's supposed to be 101 on Sunday...ugh...summer is here in full swing! We went to the pool at the Howard's this morning, came home in time to nap and then headed to the "Huggies Party" at My Gym. I see lots of pool days in our future. Jennifer and I have been trying to brain storm fun things to do INSIDE. Any ideas? I was thinking we'll have to invest in some of those coloring books that work with only special markers...maybe a pass to the children's museum...the only thing about it is it's about 30 minutes away. Expect to see a lot of pictures that look like this in the near future:


Tricia said...

We will probably have a lot of those same type of pictures. Let me know if you come up with any inside cool ideas. We might just have to switch off playing at each other's house.

Yes, Minister... said...

LOL - I know what you mean! We came home from church and the children have been in our Home Theater all afternoon - it is just so so hot! we are actually going change and swim in about an hour - but the pool water is even warm!

Ideas - We have passes to everything - and I do mean everything!

Ladybug hugs,