Friday, December 19, 2008

White Elephant?

The high school and college groups play the same white elephant (one man's trash is another man's treasure) game that we play with our friends. Sunday night on the way home from small group Jeff called me laughing about his white elephant gift that he 'won'. He said I would either think it was funny or be mad. Here's what he got:



He said this was actually one of the items everyone wanted! What? I thought it was hilarious, but of course he's not allowed to keep it here. It kind of freaks me out (even though we know plenty of people who have these in their home-it's not really my thing). He said he's going to hang it in his office at church and make everyone pet it when they come in. The saddest thing was when Landree said, "look mommy a reindeer!" We have Christmas on the brain!


HowryFamily said...

haha "a reindeer"! I don't blame you... animal heads aren't allowed in our home either:) creepy

Frazzled said...

OK, now that is funny! That's our Pooh!!

Tricia said...

so sad that Landree said it was a reindeer.

glad to know it won't hang in the house. Guess we will have to visit it at Jeff's office. How funny!!!

Hope you guys are having fun in TX. Miss you!

Jboo said...

Funny!! I don't think I'd want it at home either! Definitely needs to go to the office!

Hope you are enjoying your holidays!