Monday, January 18, 2010

Landree’s First Movie

When we were in Texas we took Landree to see her first movie at the theater.  She had a ball!  The Princess and the Frog came out in December, and we just knew it was perfect timing that Landree would be able to see a princess movie for her first movie at the theater.  Well she wasn’t having it!  She didn’t want to watch that ‘scary’ movie.  We asked her several times and she really didn’t want to go.  But then I saw that the Squeakuel was out and asked if she would like to watch that.  She did and loved it!  She sat in Mia’s lap the entire time and they danced the whole time.  It’s a cute movie.  I’m not sure how much of it that she understood (it’s not a huge plot line, but she is 3), but the music is cute and there isn’t anything scary about it.  And on that note why do all Disney movies have to have an evil queen or wicked step mother or witch?  No wonder she is scared.  I guess this is technically Hudson’s first movie too.  I’m happy to report his slept through it.


Brooke said...

I'm glad Landree enjoyed her first trip to the movies!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

So glad she had such a good time!! I think this was a great first movie for the girls..... Sarah can't wait to go back!!

Landree is getting so big....she is too cute...and I LOVE her leopard coat:)



Jamie said...

My step kids saw that movie today and loved it!

On another note, when I tell the kids to do something and they ask me, "Why?", I always tell them, "Because I'm the wicked step-mother, that's why!" :) It's the easiest way I know to make light of the situation. :)

jenbusymom said...

I brought the girls to the Princess one it was pretty scary, what is up with that!? I should take them to the the Squeakuel, Caitie's got a ped day this week, sounds like a plan!