Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome Home-The Master Bedroom

I’m going to be doing a little ‘home tour’ and hopefully it will get me motivated to finish things up around here.  Our house isn’t anything fancy.  I don’t really know what my style is-I used to joke anything white with paint chipping off of it was my style.  I buy what I like :) and lucky for me Jeff doesn’t say much about it.  We managed to set up two other homes since we’ve lived in Columbia in a matter of days and we’ve lived here for just over a year now and I still have things that need to be finished.  Not one single wall in this house had a lick of paint on it so we had to paint everything!  Jeff did lots of the painting when we were at home last Christmas.  He moved everything for us and handled our closing, etc. since Hudson was so little and we couldn’t really help.  Anyway on to the tour…
I have something to say about everything.  I am getting new lamps soon.  I think I like one of these.  I need to measure how tall they will be on my side tables.  We have two different heights right now, but I will get two of the same of these.
JONSBO ORÖD Table lamp  Total height: 20 " Shade diameter: 14 " Cord length: 80 "  Total height: 52 cm Shade diameter: 35 cm Cord length: 204 cm  JONSBO BÄRBY Table lamp  Total height: 24 " Shade diameter: 14 " Cord length: 77 "  Total height: 62 cm Shade diameter: 35 cm Cord length: 195 cm
The dresser and side tables are antique and have been redone. They are from Birdie’s Antiques in Canton.  I LOVE them!  When we knew we were moving and were buying a king size bed I knew we would be getting new furniture.  I had a set picked out at JCPenny’s that I liked, but I’ve always loved the antiques at Birdie’s and Jeff agreed so I got the white furniture I loved.  Now the down side is that they don’t make (or it’s hard to come across) king size antique headboards so we used our tin metal tile headboard thing that my mom and I made (from old tin metal tiles) from our old bedroom.  I really do love it, but I HATE the color that it is right now.  It’s on my to do list, and pronto!  It was white with a green wash to match our old walls.  Megan and I tried to use a little brown stain to pick up the browns in my duvet, and well, this is how it turned out.  Soon enough it will be fixed.  I got the coffee table that is at the end of the bed at Canton for (you’ll never guess) $2.50!  We bought another coffee table from a man we know for $5 and he gave us this one for free.  So $2.50 a piece, not a bad deal!  Momma and I started painting it, but it needs to be finished.  It’s all a work in progress!  My curtain rods are from Lowe’s and if you’ll notice they have a sweet little bird on each corner.  I love them.  It took me FOREVER to decide on bedding.  I’m still not 100%, but I’m most happy with what I have now.  The white matelassé is the Shabby Chic line they carry at Target and the duvet is and matching shams are from HomeGoods.  My mom got me the pillow there also.  I love the ruffles on it!   I was looking in the Ballard catalog today and think that one of their natural burlap billows with a monogram would look really good though :) I had a few duvets, but I decided that I don’t like the messy look of a duvet. I love them in magazines and other peoples houses, but I’m too much of a neat freak and if Jeff sits on the bed I would freak out.  
And here is my picture wall.  I love it!  I think I tell Jeff at least once a day how it’s my favorite part of our room.  It’s on my side of the bed and I love waking up to the sweet family pictures we have displayed there.  (Landree wanted to be in the pictures) I definitely have room for more pictures, but I am sort of a creature of habit and once I get used to something I probably will never change it.
And looking from our bed.  I LOVE our dresser!  I think it’s beautiful and our side tables match it exactly.  And just ignore that pile of pictures that need to be put up or hung.  I’m just keeping it real, and it’s really been much worse.  Jeff just stacked them there a few days ago.  Megan and I hung the plates when she was here last.  I can’t seem to get anything done alone.  I love for Momma and Megan to come.  I make them work!  I have been collecting plates for a while knowing I could use them anywhere, but I think most of these are from the Good Samartian’s in Emory.  They were probably a quarter.  Seriously!  It’s the best thrift store ever!  The platter in the middle is from TJMaxx and I think it was $4!  Now, the plate hangers are $2 a piece, what a rip!  Here’s a tutorial I wish I’d seen before I invested $30 in plate hangers around my home! 
The chair in the corner is a blue and white gingham that belonged to my Nanny that I had recovered for my first apartment.  It’s not the most comfy, but it’s sturdy!  And I’ve slept many a night in that chair when I nursed Landree.  Jeff has too when he would stay up and hold her.  The back is really short so it’s definitely not a great sleeping chair for a man that’s 6’4.  That’s why we ordered a comfy gliding chair for Hudson room. 
I want to add something to each side of the dresser, but I’m not sure what.  I love how home-y and warm it feels with collages/grouping of things on the wall.  I’m currently in love with these looks from Holly Mathis’ blog, but somehow I feel like if it’s at my house it will look junky.  Does anyone else feel like that?  Also I don’t think my room looks near as bear as it does in the pictures.  Plus these are over a twin sized bed so would it look weird with something on the sides of my headboard or dresser?  Ideas please! Go.

Somehow I missed taking a picture of the other big wall in our room.  It has the two windows on it and our television is centered in between it.  I also have a hope chest on that centered under the television.  I use it to store extra sheets and pillows.
I’d love to hear ideas.  Somehow I felt like this room was a completed before I posted pictures :)


Melissa said...

It looks soooo good!!!!! I love everything!!!

Megan said...

Friend...I love you! I love that little girl standing in your room. I love it! Your room that is! BUT, what is up with that stuff on the dresser? The party hat, hammer, and glaze. How long has that glaze been sitting there? And that stack of frames. You have a month and a half to do something with them or it is OPERATION MEGAN COMES TO TOWN! Ha Ha Ha!

I agree...WE HAVE to do something with that tile! And, I think those lamps will make such a huge difference! Love them! (Have you checked to see how much it would be to ship them?)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I LOVE your room! I could just live in there:) I know what you mean about clutter...I don't like clutter. It was such a nice feeling to sell everything we had, in alot of ways, and now I notice (mostly out of the guilt of their parents) the girls have too many things...yet again! I am not an organized person so that means I have to try and be organized each SO...I get that you don't like clutter:)

I really love it just the way it is! And were you talking about Canton, Texas? Oh I love that place!

I love your picture wall too...I think that is something missing in this home to make it feel like "home" are pictures on the wall. I need to work on that when we move to Mexico City this summer.

Big hugs and great job my friend!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! And love that you're doing a home tour :) I can hardly wait to see the rest of the house!!!

Oh and yes... having no tv does give me lots of extra time to do other stuff :)

And yep..Colt is still in a crib. He's NOT to be trusted in a big kid bed yet. I figure I can hopefully keep him in the crib until he's two....which would make Cade four or five months. Until then Cade can sleep in the bassinett or packnplay.

Which room is next on the home tour?!

Marla said...

I think your room looks great! Sorry- I have no suggestions. :)

I am currently trying to finish up (or rather....I guess I should say 'get started') on my house! In our master, in case you are wondering....we just have a bed on a headboard. I guess our side tables and dressers match....but they are from Geoff when he was single (which is fine, and they are real wood and nice quality- I but I have plans of painting them day.)

Anyway- just wanted to drop a note....loving these home tours. Maybe one day I will be able to do one, too! :)