Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phone Photos

My camera is in the shop, and honestly it’s so easy to take phone photos that that is a lot of what I take these days-I am so thankful that it takes pretty good pictures. 

So in no particular order here is our month in recap phone photo style Winking smile Here we go:

I organized our women’s banquet at church the weekend before we left for TX.  You know since I didn’t have enough going on packing for Texas and Haiti and everything for the kids.  Melody did such a wonderful job sharing her heart-I can’t say enough good things about her.  I met her when I did her blog makeover a few years ago and when I asked if she would speak at our banquet I wasn’t sure if she would be willing to drive 4 hours, but she did and she was awesome! She is so funny and is so close in her relationship with the Lord that she can learn a lesson in every situation and she is so good to share about it on her blog.  Thanks so much Melody! 

Just a few days later was Mother’s day.  We were super busy finishing up our packing, Jeff was finishing up at church, etc. but they were so sweet to let me sleep in and cook me breakfast (which Jeff does most of the time anyway Smile Bring me sweet cards and flowers.  Landree was so excited!  And my roses were beautiful!  They were really the prettiest roses I’ve ever seen!


And the next morning we were heading out for our whirl-wind TX/Haiti/TX/SC tour :)  We usually go to CO in July, but Jeff will be preaching during that time so we took a early ‘vacation’ to spend time with family and friends before Jeff and I headed to Haiti.  On the 19th Jeff flew home to meet the college students and they headed to FL on the 22nd where I met them before we all flew to Haiti on Monday morning.  That is another post in it self, so here are a few pictures from our trip to TX. 

We always stop at the same hotel in MS.  The kids love it-they have popcorn in the lobby and a great pool.  We always get a suite so the kids can go to bed early and we don’t have to go to bed at 8.  There is this carousal horse out front that Landree loves to ride. 


I had big plans to get a picture at each state line, but LA was the only one that we got one at.  I especially wanted one in TX, but the kids had just fallen asleep.  Landree wasn’t excited about this-maybe in the next few years we can have one from every state we pass through. 


imagejpeg_2_2  imagejpeg_2_3

Hudson loved ‘driving’ when we would stop.  We posted this on facebook-Jeff is so funny, here is the commentary. 


We should make good time now! May 9 via Facebook for Android

  • Jillian Phillips Fuller Lol too funny! May 9 at 3:47pm · LikeUnlike
  • Jeff Gray He did great for like 5 minutes then he fell asleep at the wheel..we are with the cop now. Appearantly this is illegal in alabama...who knew

    May 9 at 3:59pm · LikeUnlike

  • Jillian Phillips Fuller Lol jeff ur crazy

    May 9 at 4:09pm · LikeUnlike

  • Lauren Player It's brother! He could drive me around Jeff!  May 9 at 4:16pm · LikeUnlike

  • Terry C. Hunt too cute, I am sure the cops let him slide.. he is too darn cute!

    May 9 at 4:28pm · LikeUnlike

  • Jennifer Humphries Gray What? And you're not in Texas yet? Maybe Landree needs to work the gas for this little guy!

    May 9 at 4:53pm · LikeUnlike

And for the sake of posting this tonight!  I will continue my phone photos tomorrow :)  Good night!

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