Thursday, July 7, 2011

Texas style

We really enjoyed our time in TX (like always).  We got in a little family vaca before Jeff and I headed to Haiti-lots of time relaxing, doing nothing, and spending time with family.  The first Saturday we were in town we headed over to the big city where Jeff’s brother and SIL live to watch our neice play in a volleyball tournament.  She is AMAZING and only 12!  I think she may have a scholarship in her future and it was so fun watching her!  Landree and Hudson loved hanging out in the stands eating the junk snacks that Grandma packed for them, watching the game and cheering H on. 


Don’t feed the animals! 


Uncle B and the kids after Sunday dinner.  I think he volunteers to hold them so he can sneak in a cat nap too! 


Our little dress up girl loved when Mia pulled out some of my old dance costumes.  I wore this when I was probably 8 or so, it was big, but Landree made it work and wore it just about the entire 6 weeks we were in TX. 


One of our favorite things to do when we are at the Gray’s house is stay up and watch moves with Jeff’s sisters or play games.  Jeff, Maggie and I played monopoly one night and I lost terribly!  I always lose games to Jeff-he is awesome at games, especially strategy games!  On this paticular night Jeff and Maggie had all the best cards, they bought up all the properties and I was left with a few railroads, that made me tons of MONEY!  I was sure I was going to lose, but when they didn’t have any money left they kept having to mortgage properties (and were to stubborn to help each other with trades) and I WON!  First time ever!


Enjoying a half price cone from the DQ-this treat was twice as sweet when we lucked into the sale!  We all ate blizzards and ice cream for about $4! 


Even more phone photos to come! 

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