Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jumping for joy is good exercise


We have been so lucky to have had such fabulous weather for January and February.  LIke 70 degree weather.  Last year at this time we had snow (which is somewhat rare around here too!) My Momma and Daddy got Landree (and Hudson) a trampoline for Christmas this year.  By far best. present. ever!  Landree has been able to go out and jump so many afternoons.  I love that she can be outside getting some of her energy out and have so much fun doing it!  I can even be folding clothes in the playroom with the door open or sitting in the yard doing something I need to do while she jumps her little heart out.  Funny story-the trampoline turns her knees black so Mia told her to wear dark pants.  So now she goes in and finds any dark pants she can find to get ready to jump.   We can have some pretty interesting outfits. 



Hudson isn’t the fan Landree is {yet} he likes to run around and tackle Landree or his new favorite is when I hold him and jump.  Now that’s a work out. 


We’ll take as many warm weather days as we can get now, because I’m afraid we’ll roast out there this summer. 

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh how fun!!!!! Wow Landree's hair is getting SO long!!!! Gorgeous!